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The will of a group of 18 pig farmers, who believed that they could do more and better for the sector, especially in the animal feed production for animals, leaded to the creation of Raporal, S.A. in 1971.

The first livestock farm for pig production was acquired about 10 years later, and after many others came. Then, the company acquired STEC, a slaughter and meat-processing unit, which was subject to great investments in its modernization in order to fulfill our Clients’ demands.

In 2009, the business expanded and the relationship with the end consumers became closer with the opening of the first “Meat Store”.

Today, here we are, more certain than ever that our path has been the best: at the right time and well succeeded.

We are proud of our history.


The birth of Raporal, S.A. happened in 1971, when 18 pig farmers joined together to produce high quality feed for their animals

The Start

The effective start was marked by the first invoice issued in June 17th 1974.

The Gamoal

The first livestock was acquired in 1980, initially dedicated only to swine production.

Montiagri Fair

With the aim to present itself to the community, Raporal participated in its first agricultural fair at Montiagri in Montijo, Portugal.

STEC – production start

The need of modernization of the slaughter and meat processing postponed the production to 1987.

Slaughter and meat processing

The year of 1986 was marked by the acquisition of the slaughter and meat processing unit, STEC, which will continue the expansion policy.

Malhada Alta

Over the years, Raporal acquired more livestock farms and 1994 was the year of Malhada Alta.

Vendas Novas pork steak

The Vendas Novas pork steak, inspired by regional recipes, was launched in 2009.

Meat Store

With the purpose of creating a closer relationship with the consumers, in 2009 the first Meat Store was open, selling to the public.

Pork with more flavour

In 2010 the Project "Pork with more flavour" began, aiming for a tender, juicy and tasteful meat.

Portugal Winner

In 2011, the newly created Project “Pork with more flavour” is awarded in the first edition of “Portugal Winner” contest, which distinguishes successful projects in animal production and health.


After a new investment, STEC II is created, dedicated to the production of prepared and processed meat.

2nd Meat Store

In 2014 the 2nd Meat Store opens in Atalaia, Montijo, Portugal.

Gamoal’s Fattening

The fattening unit in Gamoal opens in 2014, dedicated to pig fattening.

Raporal Agro

The creation of Raporal Agro came to assure total control of the feed production process, with the opening in 2014 of the industrial unit of drying corn.


In 2015 STEC III was opened as a unit for deboning, packing, freezing and conservation.

3rd Meat Store

Continuing the expansion process of the Meat Stores, in 2017, the 3rd store was opened in Montijo, at the City Market

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