from the Directors

The current economic conditions are particularly hard, as the financial and economic crisis casts a global shadow. We face a period of transition and of mentality changes, both in the entrepreneurial and in the private sphere. The agrifood sector faces very serious problems, which result from the increase in production costs and the impossibility of reflecting the cost increase in the end price.

Our current task is to reflect, define objectives and make decisions regarding the measures our organisation must implement so as to face this huge challenge. Our company’s daily life is now – and shall be in days to come – of great exigency. We want to be more competitive, ensuring the quality of the products and the integrity of the organisation, in an increasingly more aggresive market, in which there is no margin for errors.

Strategically, we are positive that the way towards sucess depends on the increase in notoriety of our brands and the recognition of these as brands that provide quality through the making of added-value products, adapted to the market and to the consumer.

The internal market crisis opens the doors of new markets. Throughout the last two years, Raporal, S.A. have made a great effort is now starting to bring about the expected return. We have analysed the opportunities, using them to boost our brands and the excellence of our products.

Positioned in the whole chain of pork and beef production, we assume that the investment in a vertical production structure is the most adequate course for the success of our company. Therefore, we guarantee the full traceability of our products, thus reinforcing the quality seal by which our products are recognized in the market.

Our mission is to assure the irreproachable quality of each product produced by us and represented by our brands, in order to satisfy the needs of all our clients and partners.

We face the future opportunities with responsible optimism, basing our action on the flexibility and ability to adapt to Global Market. Because we assume a commitment of innovation and constant evolution in our sector.

The creation of a mentality aimed at high levels of exigency makes RAPORAL a high productive performance company. We seek to be a reference of quality and trust.

Everything we do is done thinking of the end consumer: The one who demands more quality, a better service and more trust in the contact with our brands.


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