These days there is much talk of sustainability but, after all, what does this term mean? According to an internationally recognized definition, “Sustainable development satisfies the needs of the present, without compromising the capacity of future generations to also satisfy their own.”

(Report of the Brundtland Commission).

Sustainable development is based on three key points: EnvironmentEconomy and Society.

As this concept is very important for our future, Raporal S.A: plays a native role in achieving sustainability

In relation to the Environment, Raporal S.A. has projects for the future but, before anything else, must guarantee the continuity of those that are already underway.

In waste treatment our greatest care is to send waste for recycling or reutilization, always trying to avoid sending them to landfill.

Regarding water, we continue to insist on the reduction of the amount of water used. A Residual Water Treatment Station (RWTS or ETAR in Portuguese) was built for the treatment of water that comes from the slaughterhouse. This water, after treatment, is reutilized for washing vehicles and watering green areas.

In the improvement of energetic efficiency of the factories, we will begin with energy audits and renewable energies will be a future alternative to the electricity grid.

In Society, our greatest concern is for those who work with us. Their security, as well as their adaptation within the company is fundamental for us. As a principal objective, Raporal S.A. invests in workers’ safety, through systems of Work-place Safety and specific training.

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