Policy of Environment and Safety, Hygiene and Health

The policy of Environment and Safety, Hygiene and Health at Work, designed by Raporal S.A, is based on the following set of principles.

– The protection of the Environment, the Health and Safety of our customers, employees, and of the community in which we are included, where we live and work it is Raporal SA’s mission to become the best company in the area of Livestock Production, Production Animal Feed, Meat Slaughtering and Processing;

– Raporal S.A, is determined in maintaining healthy and safe work conditions at its facilities, producing products and businesses which comply to adequate ethical and environmental standards and investing in continuous improvement.;

– We seek to improve our work methods, always keeping up with technological advancements, new knowledge and legal frameworks in the area of Environment and Safety, Hygiene and Health at Work;

– It is our policy to produce and commercialize our products by continuously enhancing our facilities so as accomplish and exceed the provisions in the existing rules and legislation applicable to the Environment, Safety, Health and Hygiene at Work , in the food sector. The Health and Safety of our consumers, employees and community are a priority for us.

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