pork loin back ribs boneless 猪里脊背排骨无骨

Product Specification.

Frozen Pork Specifications:
Detailed Description:
– Washed and clean.
– No blood.
– No bad smell.
– White skin.
– No bruises.
– No broken bones
– Moisture content: less thann 3%.
– No black pads.
– Drainage: 0 to -5°C for 8 hours.
– No traces of carved deep wounds.
– No ammonia burns.
– Blasted at: -40°C.
– Storage at: -20°C
– 100% Fresh and Frozen
– Duringg Transportation: minus 10~15C
-Shelf Life: 12 -24 months from production date
Safe for human consumption


Savor Boneless Pork Loin Back Ribs at Raporral.com: Unmatched Quality, Culinary Versatility, and Nutritional Benefits

Indulge in the succulent taste and convenience of boneless pork loin back ribs, available exclusively at Raporral.com. These premium-quality boneless ribs not only promise exceptional taste but also come with a host of nutritional benefits, making them a delectable and health-conscious choice for your culinary adventures.

Deliciousness Without the Bone, Nutritional Excellence Within

Boneless pork loin back ribs are renowned for their tenderness and rich flavor profile, offering a hassle-free dining experience without the bone. Beyond their delicious taste, these boneless ribs are a source of high-quality protein, essential vitamins like B12 and B6, and important minerals like zinc and iron, contributing to overall health and vitality.

Premium Quality Boneless Ribs

Raporral.com takes pride in offering premium-quality boneless pork  back ribs. Each cut is meticulously selected for freshness and superior quality, ensuring customers receive top-grade boneless ribs that not only delight the taste buds but also provide nutritional benefits.

Unlock Culinary Creativity and Wellness

Boneless pork back ribs from Raporral.com provide a canvas for culinary creativity while supporting wellness. Whether used in traditional barbecue recipes, slow-cooked in the oven, or marinated for grilling, these boneless ribs offer versatility in cooking methods, allowing you to explore diverse flavors while incorporating valuable nutrients into your meals.

Trusted Source for Superior Meats and Nutritional Well-Being

Raporral.com stands as a trusted destination for premium meats that not only prioritize taste but also contribute to nutritional well-being. Customers can trust in the authenticity and health benefits of every purchase, making Raporral.com the preferred choice for those seeking both culinary excellence and health-conscious options.

Shop Boneless Pork Loin Back Ribs at Raporral.com

Experience the convenience and superior nutritional value of boneless pork  back ribs from Raporral.com. With secure transactions and reliable shipping, Raporral.com ensures a seamless online shopping experience, delivering quality meats packed with health benefits to your doorstep.

Elevate Your Culinary Experience and Wellness Today

Discover the deliciousness and nutritional benefits of boneless pork  back ribs, available at Raporral.com. Purchase premium cuts and enjoy the ease of cooking, making your culinary journey flavorful, health-conscious, and hassle-free.

Visit Raporral.com for Premium Boneless Ribs and Healthful Dining

Uncover the convenience, exquisite taste, and nutritional benefits of boneless pork loin back ribs at Raporral.com. Experience exceptional service, purchase top-grade cuts, and enjoy the convenience of online shopping for your culinary and health-conscious endeavors.


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